Musings of a business startup

Ahh Sunday.  As with many new businesses, the workplace is a laptop, any flat surface and a chair (sometimes optional).  It’s no different here and it does mean that currently ‘work’ is on the kitchen table.  I determined that I would sort the house on Sunday and ignore the computer, except there was that email I needed to send ……. the research for insurances and ATOL registration………. oh and who was that person I spoke to regarding fear of flying and psychologists …….. have I got that paperwork I needed for Monday (better put that somewhere I don’t forget) …….. did I remember to put that expense on the spreadsheet
…………..and that is why I am sitting here, typing this instead of tidying the spare room, changing the beds, washing, hovering, ironing {shudder} and putting clothes away {sigh}

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