Air to Air Photography

Aviation PhotoCrew

Now you can experience the thrill of flying in close formation with some of the most exciting aircraft in the world. Aviation-Photocrew have been providing this service for ten years and are the experts. Their photographs can be seen in almost all of the notable aviation publications and they flew each day for four days at this year’s RIAT (2017).


Aviation PhotoCrew has developed a high level of experience in aviation photography and they have worked together with many airshow organisers, Airforces, demonstration teams, aircraft owners,… helping them to promote their product or event by delivering high-quality photography. Many of the resultant photographs have turned up in many segmens of good marketing, public relations, recruitment, promotion, merchandise,… The biggest reward is to see the pictures used by the people met during the photoshoots; the airshow organisers, the pilots, the aerobatic teams, the constructors, the squadrons etc…

Each flight is a unique opportunity. Tickets have sold out for Sanicole 2017, but more chances to fly are becoming available for photographers and aviation fans who just want to experience being this close to flying legends. Due to the exclusivity of these experiences, prices vary from sortie to sortie, but are guaranteed to sell out quickly. Alternatively, if you are an aircraft owner wishing to create some unique and stunning marketing or publicity material, we can organise bespoke flight designed specifically for you.

For general enquiries:

Tel: 0845 456 6515

For corporate and bespoke activities:

Tel: 07393 959039