Booking your experience

When you click to book one of our experiences, you will be taken to our dedicated booking page  Once you have selected an experience, you will be transferred to a pop up window where you will see the date of your experience.  Remember you can post date the start of your booking voucher by up to six months.  You will not be able to use it before the start of the voucher, but this facility allows you to buy a gift for a friend/family member/loved one in advance of their special occasion.  From July, you could buy experiences which start on 27th December and would then be valid until 27th June.

Adding a discount or promo code

From time to time we will have special offers available on our experiences.  You will have a discount/promo code which will be valid for the item or items specified and for a period of time.  During booking, you need to click ‘Apply Promo or Voucher’ (see below)

Checkfront apply a discount

Simply type in the code given exactly as it is shown, thus if you have SALE20, you must type the code in capitals.

Buying for someone else – add a Gift Certificate

SAMPLE Boarding Card Gift Certificate Cropped

If you are buying an experience for someone else, add a Gift Certificate to the booking.

Click +Gift Certificate shown below

Help - Add a gift certificate

Click ‘Continue’ on the next screen

Help - Gift Certificate 2

On the next screen you can add multiple gift certificates if required – e-certificates can be emailed to you or another email address which can be added when you are returned to the main booking screen, as can your personalisation of the certificate.  Please note that physical printed certificates can be posted, but do have a postage charge which is added to your total.  Click ‘Add to Booking’ to complete the booking process.

Help - Gift Cerficate 3

Don’t forget to add the name of the person you want to give the Gift Certificate to and a personal message on the last section of the booking page.

Help - Gift Certificate 3


If you have any problems during your booking, our team are ready to help you.  Simply telephone 0845 456 6515 and we will help you through the process.